Healthub – Branding

All-in-one Medical service in a Mobile app

Concept Overview

HealtHub application combines a full network under one user-friendly application — from physicians and researchers to therapists and patients — to work together to create positive outcomes to serve the Saudi market.

HealtHub is Efficient
HealtHub is Trustworthy
HeatHub is Diverse
HealtHub is High-Tech
HealtHub is Innovative

Design Objectives:

To Design a brand identity for the application that translates the reason behind its existence.
To build strong brand equity by increasing familiarity preference for HealtHub brand among its target audience.
To position HealtHub as a top-of-mind choice built on trust. efficiency and quality in the healthcare industry.
To Establish confidence & partnership between the healthcare sector & end patients under the umbrella of HealtHub.

Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.